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The Academy


Robert Bateman Secondary is committed to the development of student success by providing opportunities for students to pursue their passions.  This exciting golf academy will help student athletes personalize their learning by providing them with a tremendous opportunity in meeting their athletic and learning goals.


The academy will offer student's a high performance golf program that provides them the opportunity to develop their potential and total game.  The program will have a balanced approach with approximately 40% of the program held at Ledgeview Golf Course and Fraserglen Driving Range, where students will be instructed by certified CPGA professionals.  The other 60% of the program will involve golf specific athletic performance training, mental training, rules, ettiquette, anatomy, and nutrition by certified instructors and trainers.

Specifically the goals are to:

  • Nurture healthy attitudes and behaviours consistent with academic and athletic success
  • Improve the skill level of every academy participant
  • Enhance functional physical development through continuous fitness programming
  • Increase participant awareness of the benefits of nutrition on sport performance
  • Provide the student and parent/guardian with evaluations of personal performance

Academic Structure:

Students who participate in the Golf Academy receive 4 credits for their sport specific training during the school year.
Strength and conditioning 9,10, 11, Personal Fitness 12
PE 9, 10, 11, 12 (Golf specific)
Students also take one online course (AVS) per year specific to their grade or more recently, an elective that will help their passions for the future.
All students in the golf academy are expected to maintain a B (73%) cumulative average.

Program Fees:

The Golf academy has a yearly fee of approximately $2500.00.  This covers the cost of our Head Coach and assistants, use of range balls, transportation to and from the course and equipment updates.  This fee is paid through School Cash Online with the school district.

Students in the Academy are expected to keep a Junior membership with Ledgeview as it gives them full access to Ledgeview for the duration of the year. 

Program Highlights:  

In 2011-2012 the academy travelled to Northview Golf Course, Chilliwack Golf and Country Club, and the Whistler Golf Course.  We also invited guest speakers to the program, James Lepp, BC Amateur Golf and Scholarship presenters spoke with the students.  We plan on having a unique variety of opportunities in the future as well.  

Just this October, PGA professional and Bateman Graduate Adam Hadwin dedicated his afternoon to speak with the kids about success and how to formulate a long-term plan to become a great student and successful golfer.  This was a great opportunity for our program.

In 2014, the Academy went down to San Diego and played in a variety of courses and even competed against one of the high schools down there.  

2016 saw the launch of our very own Golf Room at the shool which is equipped with two hitting bays and a putting green.  We also invested into a FlightScope so our Academy members just up-to-date information on their swing data.  The Academy also went on their prestigous Whistler Golf Trip which is always a favorite.

2018-19 season expanded to 20 members with focus on a skills academy and competitive tier.  This coming May will see the students head to Whistler again to enjoy Whistler Golf Club, Big Sky, and Squamish Golf Course before tournament season begins.